At first, Al Rogers couldn't get a refund for his oxygen machine.

Then, he had one refund too many.

A buyer-beware story reached a happy ending Monday, when Rogers donated the extra refund to the Janeway neo-natal unit, in his father’s name.

The tale began a few weeks ago, when Rogers bought a portable oxygen machine for his elderly father.

But less than 24 hours after he made the purchase, Rogers’ 82-year-old father suddenly passed away.

Rogers tried to return the unused oxygen machine to the company he bought it from, HorizonAire.

But HorizonAire wouldn't take it back without a 60-per-cent restocking fee.

After Rogers’ tale aired on CBC, another company stepped in.

Respiratory Therapy Specialists offered to take the machine back and refund the money Rogers spent on it.

But when they met to make the exchange, they discovered that HorizonAire had sold Rogers a used machine, with an expired warranty.

Meanwhile, HorizonAire issued an apology to Rogers and refunded the money to his credit card.

Rogers repeatedly tried to give that money back, but after several days of not being able to contact the company, instead decided to give it to the Janeway — $2,500, in his father’s name.

"At least I can give the cheque away and walk away with a smile, knowing something good came out of it, anyway," Rogers said.