Fragments from Inuit skeletons excavated by archeologists in northern Labrador years ago are on their way home.

Newfoundland and Labrador has handed over the last fragments of 113 Inuit skeletons excavated years ago in northern Labrador.

The skeletons were taken 40 years ago from several traditional burial grounds in the Saglek Bay area.

Most of them were repatriated 25 years later, but fragments of 13 skeletons were missed and not rediscovered until late last year.

Officials at The Rooms immediately informed the provincial government of the oversight, which quickly set  in motion the return of the fragments.

Nunatsiavut culture minister Johannes Lampe said in Inuit tradition they're on their way home.

"It is very important that you are brought back to who you are, to where you came from," he said.

The remains will be reburied later this month on Rose Island in Saglek Bay.

Both Premier Kathy Dunderdale and Nunatsiavut president Jim Lyall will be present.