International students celebrate Thanksgiving meal

An Anglican church in St. John's hosted a Thanksgiving feast on Monday evening for students from about 20 countries.
About 200 international students at Memorial University celebrated Thanksgiving at St. Augustine's Anglican church in St. John's. (CBC )

An Anglican church in St. John's hosted a Thanksgiving  feast on Monday evening for students from about 20 countries, many of whom come from cultures without a similar celebration.

Some of the 200 students had never tasted turkey before volunteers at St. Augustine's Church served up a full meal with all the fixings.

Laurensia Swandito: 'I'm very thankful for my life, for everything.' (CBC)

"It's pretty much close to chicken," said Arpit Gupta from India, who is studying business administration at Memorial University.

"I was a bit nervous about how it was going to taste but it tastes pretty good, so I was pretty excited about it," said Gupta, who hopes to find work and stay in St. John's after he graduates.

St. Augustine's, an Elizabeth Avenue church on the edge of Memorial's main campus, has been hosting the annual Thanksgiving dinner for six years.

Laurensia Swandito, a business administration student from Indonesia, appreciated the opportunity to be thankful with others.

"I think I am so lucky to be able to come to Canada and to pursue my higher education, and also to be in this very place in a safe and happy condition — not in a war conflict zone," Swandito said.

"So, I'm very thankful for my life, for everything." 


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