Inspectors found for St. John's Santa Claus parade

The spirit of giving and goodwill at Christmas has come early for organizers of the St. John's Santa Claus Parade.

Local company to provide service for free

Local company Islander RV will fill the gap left by government inspectors for this year's St. John's Santa Claus Parade. (CBC)

The spirit of giving and goodwill at Christmas has come early for organizers of the St. John's Santa Claus Parade.

Less than a day after appealing for help to inspect floats this year, a local company has stepped up — offering the service for free.

The Downtown Development Commission (DDC) said Islander RV will now do the inspections of trailers and hitches.

"(They) are now on Santa's nice list," said Gaylynne Lambert, marketing and special events co-ordinator with the DDC.

"They've done us a tremendous good deed. They are experts in everything towing, and really used to dealing with trailers and stuff, so they're sending down some people to help us out."

Gaylynne Lambert, with the Downtown Development Commission, says Islander RV is now officially on Santa's nice list. (CBC)

The search for inspectors became necessary when the provincial government decided earlier this week to end the practice of inspecting floats in the parade.

Service NL Minister Dan Crummell said government workers were only inspecting hitches, and that might have been providing "a false sense of security" for participants.

He said the decision had nothing to do with cost, adding the inspections weren't being done for any other parades in the province.

Lambert said the DDC already has its own strict rules and regulations for floats, and that hitch inspections would now be added to that list.


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