Prote Poker, the Grand Chief of the Innu Nation, says hunters from Natuashish and Sheshatshiu will hunt caribou again this winter.  

Poker said the Innu Nation plans to allow hunters to kill up to 300 caribou in and around the two communities, and he said the meat will be shared with elders. 

Poker said Innu hunters are willing to be arrested.

"The Innu Nation will support, if anyone gets caught and apprehended, we'll be there to support them," said Poker. 

"We know there is a conservation measure that needs to be taken, as well, and there wasn't enough consultation to the Innu Nation."

In 2012, the province put a five-year ban on hunting caribou from the George River herd in an attempt to save it, and officials have threatened to arrest anyone who breaks the ban. 

Poker, however, said the Innu have been hunting the George River caribou sustainably.

Earlier this week, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society said the Newfoundland and Labrador government has not been doing enough to protect caribou. 

Last year, an airplane was seized in connection with illegal hunting, and a violent confrontation between hunters and wildlife officers led to charges against one man.