Dozens of Innu have been protesting at the Muskrat Falls construction site Thursday afternoon after an Innu woman allegedly overheard someone making a racial slur.

"People have got to say enough is enough," said Simeon Tshakapesh, the chief of the Innu community of Natuashish, who was one of the protesters.

"I mean how would he say that, especially when we were there," said Amanda Benuen, a cleaner at the site who says she overheard the slur.

"For me, I felt ashamed. Like, I thought, 'is that how they were looking at us Innu?' "

At least 40 members of the Innu Nation began the protest early Thursday afternoon at the gates of the construction site.

Later, protestors in a dozen trucks drove onto the site itself.

Nalcor officials have not been able to say for sure whether work at the site was shut down because of the impromptu protest, but they have confirmed that they are investigating an incident of alleged harassment.