Police say two dangerous men were planning to escape recently from the Waterford Hospital in St. John's.

Kenny Green, 34, and Matthew O'Quinn, 37, are charged with conspiring with each other to escape lawful custody.

Both men were on the justice ward at the Waterford Hospital in March. Green was there for a psychiatric assessment.


Matthew O'Quinn, 37, seen in this file photo, is also charged with conspiring to escape lawful custody. (CBC)

A reliable source told CBC News that the men had tied bed sheets together in attempt to escape through a window during a shift change.

RNC Const. Talia Murphy wouldn't say if that information was accurate.

"The exact circumstances surrounding the conspiracy which they are alleged to have committed won't be discussed at this time, as it is evidence before the courts," she said.

Green is charged with second-degree murder in connection with a violent beating at a house on Tessier Place in downtown St. John's in March. Joey Whalen, 47, later died from his injuries.

O'Quinn was found guilty in Stephenville last fall of forcibly confining a woman in a cabin in Flat Bay.

He has a long history of violence against women. In 2004, O'Quinn was sent to prison for keeping a woman trapped in a tent for a month.

Green is due back in court on June 6.

O'Quinn is due in court in Stephenville on June 3 for a status update on the sentencing for his forcible confinement conviction.

He's scheduled to be back in court in St. John's on June 10 to face the conspiracy charge.