Injured senior says teen was her 'angel'

An elderly woman who was taking a walk on a trail in Botwood fell and injured herself, but was rescued by a teenager who happened to be nearby.

'I don't see any wings, but right now, you're an angel'

Botwood youth Tyler Lush lauded for saving senior, reports Lindsay Bird 2:03

An elderly woman who was injured while walking on a Botwood trail last month is thanking the teenager who saved her.

Mariem Gill, 81, was near her home when she fell, but was unable to get back to the house.

"At first I didn't think I was hurt. I got up — I guess that was adrenaline — and realized that I was badly hurt," Gill said.

"I tried to walk, and I couldn't. I made a few steps and it was agonizing, so I realized rather quickly I was in trouble."

Gill started yelling for help.

"I was hoping they'd hear me, but nobody seemed to hear," she said. "I saw a pickup truck with a window down and the driver did look in toward the trail, but he didn't stop — I didn't think he'd heard me — so I was really scared then, and I knew I was going in shock."

That was when she saw Tyler Lush heading toward a nearby trail on an all-terrain vehicle.

Sprung into action

"I spotted Mariem down there, waving her arms and yelling, so I decided to go down and see what was wrong," said the 13-year-old Lush.

"She said she fell and hurt herself, and she needed help getting back to her house, and I realized that she couldn't hold herself up enough to walk back to her house."

Lush said he couldn't walk her back to her house on his own, so he decided to find help elsewhere.

"I went out onto the road and I flagged down a car, and this car, it just so happens, it was one of the paramedics that works up the road," Lush said.

"They examined her and then they called the ambulance, and I drove back on home."

Meaningful rescue

Gill said she was lucky Lush showed up when he did.

"I told Tyler, 'I had been praying, actually, and I realized that it was starting to get dark, that I was in big trouble, I was getting increasingly cold and my feet were frozen,' " Gill said.

Lush said he would have helped anyone who was in that situation.

"I don't think it was a big deal — I would have stopped and helped anybody that needed help — but it just so happens it was Mariem that I did help," he said.

However, Gill said she and a lot of her friends talk about how much it meant.

"I looked at him and I said, 'Well, I don't see any wings, but right now, you're an angel,' " Gill said.

Gill said Lush visited her while she was in hospital recovering from a fractured pelvis.

She said the young man brought her a card and a potted plant.