A crew member was airlifted from a container ship north of Hopedale on Tuesday night.

Major Martel Thompson said the man, 37, was injured and required medical attention.

medevac JRCC pic 2 Hopedale July 8 2014

It took the Cormorant about six hours to reach the vessel, because it was located about 300 kilometres offshore, north of Hopedale. (JTF Atlantic)

Thompson said the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax tasked a Cormorant helicopter from Gander on Tuesday afternoon, but the ship was located about 300 kilometres offshore, so it took about six hours to reach it.

"Essentially, what happened was the SAR techs hoisted down to the vessel, and then transported the injured crew member aboard the Cormorant helicopter, and then transported him back to Goose Bay so that he could be sent to hospital for additional medical treatment," he said.

Thompson said the man had non-life threatening injuries. There's no word on his current condition.

Search and Rescue isn't saying which ship he was on, or where it's registered.