To the surprise of many, Independent MHA Tom Osborne voted in favour of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project in Wednesday's house of assembly vote.

Osborne was a member of the Progressive Conservative party until September 2012, when he quit the caucus citing a lack of confidence in the leadership of Premier Kathy Dunderdale.

"I voted as an Independent and the vote was independent," Osborne said.

"Many of the objections that were raised by the Liberals and the NDP are very real concerns," he said."And they were very real concerns for me."

Although Osborne has concerns with Dunderdale's leadership, he said that he wasn't prepared to vote against the project because of political differences.

He believes that it is now the responsibility of government to guarantee rates based on the current estimated costs.

"This is the best choice for future generations," Osborne said. "Government should also make it the best choice for today's generation by guaranteeing those rates."

Osborne will remain an Independent MHA into the new year.

However, he plans on canvassing his constituents in 2013 to find out which party they feel would best represent them.

"At some point in the future, if they want me to join one of the parties, I will certainly do that," he said.

"I'm going to give them the opportunity to give direction on that issue."