The SPCA in St. John's says that animal deaths continue to rise as the temperatures drop through the winter. On Monday, police found two neglected dogs outside a house in Bay Roberts. One of them had frozen to death.

The surviving beagle was taken to a veterinarian clinic and is being treated for hypothermia and malnutrition. When it recovers, it will be handed over to the SPCA in St. John's.


This is the other dog house on the residence. RCMP said one dog froze to death, but the other is receiving treatment. CBC

Simone Browne, with the SPCA, said such cases should be reported immediately to prevent more animal deaths.

"We ask people, if you have pets, we know they have a fur coat - they simply can't handle the cold," Browne said.

"They simply can't handle the cold weather we've been having. Bring them inside - they can't handle those temperatures."

RCMP said the owner of the dogs may face charges, but they are still investigating.

It is unclear how long the dogs were left outside before they were found.