A local comedian in St. John's has a serious concern about the number of potholes in the city; in particular, one massive "crater" in front of the Village Mall.

"I'm in a pothole," Brian Aylward says, in the opening line of a video uploaded to YouTube.

And he means it.

Aylward delivered a comedic diatribe on the road conditions in the city while standing shoulders-deep in a pothole at a turnoff from the Village to Topsail Road.

"Yes, this is Newfoundland, we live on a rock. But what is this, the moon? Is this a crater?" Aylward said in the video, which was uploaded on Monday.

The pothole featured in the video has received lots of attention online with other news sites.

This year has been a rough one for drivers in St. John's — and across the province. 

City officials previously said this season has seen a particularly high number of serious potholes across St. John's.