A man from Paradise is headed back to jail, albeit this time for a lighter sentence.

Craig Lynch has $25,000 in fines under the Highway Traffic Act, and was placed on a court order not to drive in October.

But on Nov. 29, he was found plowing snow in the parking lot of Beaconsfield Jr. High.

Lynch pleaded guilty to giving police a false name, two counts of driving while disqualified, and breaching the court order.

In court on Thursday, defence lawyer Bob Simmonds said Lynch was working for his father's company at the time of his arrest, and that Lynch and his family have learned their lesson.

Lynch was sentenced to 90 days in jail, to be served on weekends. The court gave him a break — he doesn't have to start serving his sentence until after Christmas, on Dec. 28.

This isn't Lynch's first brush with the law. He has a 14-page criminal record.

In 2008, he was accused of being one of the two bandits alleged to have used a backhoe to steal an ATM from a gas station, though the Crown withdrew the chages due to lack of evidence.

That same year, Lynch was sentenced to two-and-a-half years for attempting to rob a store, breaking into another store, and taking police on a high speed chase. Lynch was caught in that incident after he drove into a snowbank in Paradise.

Lynch had a cocaine addiction at the time.