Deer Park, a popular retreat off the Salmonier Line on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, has again been hit by illegal dumpers.

Large stacks of wood and plastic, as well as refrigerators, shingles, and paint cans, were recently dumped in the area.

Mark Laine

Mark Laine suspects that laziness is the reason why people choose to dump garbage illegally. (CBC )

Bill Hammond, who chairs the local service district, said people are concerned that illegal dumping could potentially pollute the nearby pond.

"I actually believe there were a couple of propane tanks as well," said Hammond, adding that the garbage poses a serious safety risk. 

Mark Laine, who just moved to the area from Ontario, said the dumping is unacceptable considering it costs nothing for residents to use legal dumps.

"St. John's has a world-class facility at the Robin Hood site," Laine said.

"I'm just new to this province and I think people are just being lazy."

The local service district has paid to have the garbage removed. However, it would like the province to help in clearing illegal dumps.

Surveillance cameras near where the dumping took place have been turned over to the police.