A little detective work by municipal staff in a western Labrador town went a long way to helping find a man who was caught illegally dumping garbage at a local cemetery.

Wabush mayor Ron Barron said when trash bags full of garbage began to pile up in the cemetery parking lot over the winter, he was determined to find the person responsible.

"It's just a total lack of respect for your community and your environment. You don't even respect the dead," Barron told CBC News. 

Staff with the town of Wabush began combing through the trash left at the cemetery. Among the items they found were bills — with an address printed on them. 

It furthered their case against the illegal dumper when a witness reported seeing a truck dump garbage during the summer.

No dumping sign Wabush 20130920

One man in Wabush ignored a sign telling him dumping garbage at the local cemetery could cost him. (CBC)

"Everyone has a cell phone with a camera, so they're also taking pictures of people illegally dumping," Barron said. 

The truck reported at the cemetery was found sitting in the driveway of the address that was printed on the bills found in the dumped trash.

The owner of the truck has been charged and will appear in Wabush provincial court next week.

"So if you're going to do this, prepare to get caught and face the consequences," Barron said. 

A person caught dumping garbage illegally can be fined up to $10,000. That is something the accused may be aware of, if he read the sign posted at the entrance to the cemetery.