Hurricane Igor cut off both exits from Little Catalina on the Bonavista Peninsula.

An Anglican minister in eastern Newfoundland says Igor relief money isn't getting to people hit by the hurricane quickly enough.

Rev. Eric Squires is organizing construction projects now to get families back in their homes in Catalina and neighbouring towns, on the Bonavista Peninsula.

He said at least five families that had to evacuate when the storm hit September 21,still can't return to their homes and others have serious damage in their basements. Squires said many of them are on fixed incomes.

"Some are living out of suitcases from house to house. One lady, 88 years old, living in a summer home right now," Squires said.  "It's not equipped for winter." 

"This is not good enough for me, you know, I live in this community, I've been here five years, and I feel their pain, and I'm going to do something about it." 

Squires said he has only $7,000 and no building materials, but the community will find a way to begin construction soon.

"We're not waiting for the government, we're not waiting for the Salvation Army, you know, we can't wait," he said.

Squires said he's scrounging for building materials and relying on volunteer groups already in the area.

"I live with these people, I see these people, I know their stories, and I'm very much concerned about them being out of their homes and you know, the cold weather is coming on," he said.