A Metrobus ended up on a front lawn in the west end of St. John's on Wednesday evening, after snow and ice on a city street proved too much.

The driver brought the bus to a stop by heading across a sidewalk and onto a lawn.

The incident happened as wet snow was falling, causing slippery roads that caused headaches for drivers — and a number of accidents — in eastern Newfoundland.

Metrobus general manager Judy Powell said the driver was able to get the bus off the front lawn and back on the road.

"This was a driver with probably seven to eight years experience so certainly has driven in past winters, but they are trained certainly to deal with these road conditions," Powell told CBC News.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Meteorologists measured a snowfall at St. John's on Wednesday of 16.8 centimetres, breaking a record for the date set on 2002.