A northeast wind has blown some massive, frozen beauties into White Bay in western Newfoundland, a rare September treat for people in the community of Hampden.

"When we got up this morning, we were dumbfounded with what we saw," said Eldon Drost.

Huge chunks of ice – many times the size of football fields – broke off the vast ice island that has been drifting down from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland since August 2010.

"I’ve seen icebergs higher but never so long and wide. This is unreal," said Hampden resident Wilfred Jenkins.

Some people in nearby White Bay see this as an opportunity to share their area’s natural beauty.

"The tourists will come in and make the community look a lot better," said Wesley Parsons.

The ice arrived Tuesday overnight, and by Wednesday visitors were already arriving.

"First time I’ve ever seen one. It's beautiful. It's something to see," said Bonnie Martel of Ottawa, who took a side trip on her way to a wedding just to see the Hampden show.

Robert Cooper of Brockville, Ont., was there to take in the sights too.

"People should make note of this — nature in all its beauty," he said.