An amateur astronomer has discounted the theory that meteors fell from the sky in central Newfoundland earlier this week.

Cabin owners on Dawe's Lake and Powderhorn Lake, both near Badger, believed that meteors were to blame for overnight formations and craters on the ice.

Jim Gillard, a member of the Meteor Impact Advisory Committee, said while he agrees the patterns were consistent with the aftermath of a meteor shower, it was just a coincidence.

"It can very easily be explained by the northeast wind that was on the go during that time. Meteorites would've been nice, you know, but it was not to be," Gillard said.

He added that he was excited by the initial reports. "What was amazing was how they all lined up so perfectly in a straight line over a period of about eight or nine kilometres, which is [kinda] consistent with what you'd expect if there was a shower of meteorites coming towards the earth."

Gillard says the winds, combined with thawing ice and water movement, created the abnormal patterns.