An internal review conducted by Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro into the power disruptions experienced by much of the island in January was released on Monday.

NL Hydro submitted the review, and its recommendations, to the province's Public Utilities Board.

Internal investigation found that a number of unexpected events led to the customer disruptions.

Tens of thousands of customers experienced power loss — some who were left without power for days — during a blast of cold winter weather in early January.

"The findings showed that fundamentally, the system worked as it should have during the January events and it is consistent with industry standards," President and CEO Ed Martin said in a release.

"However, there are areas where we need to improve and in particular, we have identified four key findings which we will action immediately."

NL Hydro said in a release there are four key recommendations outlined as a priority in the review, including:

  • Completion of overhauls on gas turbines in Hardwoods and Stephenville, and the addition of a new senior position accountable for overseeing this work;
  • Accelerated replacement plan for our 230 KV breakers to be completed during the 2014 maintenance season;
  • Completion of the current Integrated Critical Spares Strategy, implemented improvements recommended by Critical Spares Council and a review of the critical spares philosophy; and
  • Submission of a proposal to the PUB for the accelerated acquisition or installation of up to 100 MW of new generation on the Avalon Peninsula for next winter.

NL Hydro said in a release that the review is meant to help figure out where changes are necessary to its system.