Husky confirms injury on Maersk supply ship

A crewmember who was aboard an offshore supply vessel is recovering, after an accident at the White Rose oil field.
The offshore supply vessel Maersk Dispatcher is shown entering The Narrows in St. John's Harbour in this file photo. (Photo courtesy Dean Porter)

A crewmember on an offshore supply vessel is recovering after being injured at the White Rose oil field.

Husky Energy said it happened just before noon on Thursday and involved the vessel Maersk Dispatcher.

A spokesperson for Husky said the injured man was on deck when a rope snapped while an iceberg net was being transferred from one spool to another.

"While the rope is used for ice management, the vessel was on regular duties at the White Rose field at the time and not involved in active ice management," the company said in an email to CBC.

The man was transferred to the nearby SeaRose floating platform, assessed by a medic, and was then airlifted to hospital in St. John's by helicopter.

He was treated for undisclosed injuries and later released.

Husky Energy said it's working with Maersk to investigate how the accident happened, "and to put measures in place to ensure it does not happen again."