The City of Corner Brook is ready for potentially severe weather this weekend, as Hurricane Arthur makes its way up to eastern Canada.

Mayor Charles Pender said an emergency generator has been hooked up at city hall, and chainsaws are at the ready to deal with fallen trees.

Arthur is creeping its way north along the eastern coast of North America. By the time it hits the Newfoundland and Labrador region, it's set to transition into a post-tropical storm.

According to CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon, this means the storm will not have a tropical storm classification, but pack the same punch.

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender said services have already been "cut to the bone," and no one relishes the idea of a tax increase. (CBC)

Most of the rainfall set for the province will hit the western Newfoundland and southern Labrador regions.

Pender said the City of Corner Brook's public works department is ready to deal with whatever happens.

"Looks like this hurricane is coming our way so we [want to] be well prepared ahead of the weekend, so our public works people are gearing up our trucks with all the necessary equipment," said Pender.

"We are checking all of our headwalls and streams and catch basins...ensuring that we have sufficient workers, if we need to call in extra people over the weekend and that kind of thing, so it's really about getting prepared, being ready for it if it comes."

Pender added the city has also put some private contractors on standby just in case.

He said residents should call the city directly for help, not 911 or emergency services.