A group that pairs potential student renters with seniors and their homes is having trouble keeping up with demand.

That's because not enough seniors are coming forward with rooms to rent.

Sherri Breen, director with Home Share NL, said after having a successful first year in the St. John's area, the service is now experiencing a shortage of homes going into the current fall semester.

"It's quite a significant gap between the amount of homeowners that are available and the students [who are looking for places to live],' said Breen.

Breen said hundreds of people are contacting her group looking for a place to live, but that the number of seniors willing or able to rent a room in their homes is just not available.

Home Share NL is a program that pairs post-secondary students who need a place to live with people who are 50-years of age or older. The students get cheap rent, while the homeowner is said to be able to get help with chores around their home.

Breen is encouraging interested seniors to come forward.

"So as many [seniors] as possible we would want to have contact us to come sign up for the program," Breen said.

Breen said everyone who needs a place to live for this month is taken care of.