Huge mining project proposed for northern Labrador

Quest Rare Minerals wants to build a a port and road to supply a proposed rare earth elements mine.
Quest CEO Peter Cashin says the project will benefit communities in Labrador. (CBC)

A Quebec mining company wants to roll out a big development project in Labrador.

Quest Rare Minerals has put forward a plan to build a port and road to supply a proposed rare earth elements mine.  

The mine itself would be at Strange Lake, which is just a few kilometres inside the Quebec border, but Quest says many of the benefits would go to Labrador.

The company says the ore in that area is particularly rich in heavier rare earth elements, which are in growing demand for use in the production of high tech products.

"We're confident we have in excess of 100 years of supply," said Peter Cashin, Quest's president and CEO.

"We truly have a world-class opportunity on our hands."

There’s been a recent rush on exploration in Labrador, spurred by a decision by China — the leading producers of rare earth minerals — to limit exports.

Quest wants the $1 billion project up and running by 2017, which involves building a port on the Labrador coast with a 165 km road connecting it to the mine.

The company says it will provide about 200 full-time jobs at the mine itself, with more than 100 spin off jobs for Labrador communities.