The founder of an animal rescue group in St. John's says the spirit of giving is alive and well in the city.

Jessica Rendell, with Heavenly Creatures, said the group's stock of food and other supplies was so low last week that she started an emergency pet food drive.

In an attempt to get people to notice how desperate the situation was, Rendell posted photos of their empty storage shelves online.

She said she was shocked at how quickly — and efficiently — people responded.

"None of this was here last Friday, there was almost nothing here," she said.

"We had already done a mass email, had it on Facebook, called the media, and nobody seemed to be picking up on it ... and then I had the idea to photograph our bare shelves and everything just exploded."

Rendell said the storage room is stacked from floor to ceiling with donations to last them for months.

"We're calculating that we have several thousand pounds of litter. We have enough food that we should be able to get through a few months," she said.

"While it does look like an awful lot, and it is an awful lot, we will go through it within a few months because we have over 100 cats — so we're very grateful for it."

Rendell said the group is hoping for people to foster some of the cats they have over Christmas, in order for the group to take in more strays during the cold winter weather.