A website that allows Newfoundland and Labrador consumers to buy and sell used goods has won a dispute with a sex-based site with a conspicuously similar name.

Kirby Jacobs, who operates NLClassifieds.com, said he was not even aware of the existence of NLAdultClassifieds.com until a CBC Investigates report in May on the changing sex industry in St. John's.

"I was just after finishing supper and turned on the TV and it was the first story that I saw and obviously I was shocked," said Jacobs. "The first thing I thought was there was going to be a lot of confusion around the two names."

His suspicions were well-founded. He cited the example of an older woman who called him, wondering why men kept calling her looking for a massage.

It turned out that the number on the adult site was wrong, and she did not know who to contact.

"She called us, but once she told us what it was, we quickly found out where the confusion was," he told CBC News.

Kirby got in touch with his lawyer, "who takes care of our all of our trademark infringements and that type of thing."

He said he got the response he wanted.

"Once they received [the letter], they are complying with our request," he said.

A post on NLAdultClassifieds.com confirmed a change is coming. "We will now be known just by NLadult!" a recent post said.