Revue 2013 may be the name of the annual satirical show that Rising Tide Theatre is staging around Newfoundland and Labrador, but the troupe had to order rewrites thanks to some major events in January.

"It was really tricky this year," artistic director Donna Butt said Monday in Corner Brook where Rising Tide is starting a five-night run of the show.

Rising Tide was prepping this year's Revue when much of Newfoundland was plunged into outage in early January.

"It's something one can laugh at now — I suppose what can you do? — but at the time it was dreadful," Butt told CBC Radio's West Coast Morning Show. "It was actually kind of scary, because you didn't understand what was happening."

The outages became part of the script in time for the opening on Jan. 16 at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's.

Days later, though, came another political curveball.

"We had to change that, and then just after we got over all of that drama, the premier resigned," said Butt.

Kathy Dunderdale's decision to resign made another rewrite necessary even after the show had been playing for almost a week.

Butt said she's hoping the script can stay as it is before the tour ends in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on March 7.

"I said to somebody at the show in Grand Falls, 'I'm going to email Dwight Ball and say do not resign till Revue is over," she said.