A Harbour Grace couple says a neighbour has made their life miserable with a pile of horse manure that stinks to high heaven.

"The odour is unreal. You can't even have a barbecue in your yard," said David Carpenter, pointing to a pile of manure that is just a few metres away from his fence.

Relations between the Carpenters and their neighbour are clearly tense; their neighbour, who was out of town when CBC News paid a visit, has installed an electric fence on his property.

Manure pile

A pile of manure from last year has not yet been cleared from a Harbour Grace property. (CBC)

The Carpenters also acknowledge that there has also been a dispute about land.

Carpenter and his wife, Mary, say the manure problem occurs every year, and that their complaints have gone nowhere.

Mayor Terry Barnes said all Harbour Grace can do is enforce a rule that the pile must be removed in the spring.

The Carpenters say that is not good enough.

"All we want is that manure taken out of it," Mary Carpenter said. "Not once a year - it shouldn't be put there anyway."

Last year's pile of manure is still there, the couple noted.

Barnes said that the removal of last year's manure has been unusually late, and that the pile will be removed during the next two weeks.

With files from Azzo Rezori