The owner of the now-famous horse-riding goat featured in a newly released video by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism says goats can be found on horse Sunshine all the time.

Angie Power from Branch said she owns four pygmy goats who are companions to the Arabian horse.

"The goats like to always, of course, be close to the horse, and when she lies down, they lie down on her back," Power said. "And, of course, goats being goats — you know, they're pretty sure-footed little things — [the horse] gets up and most of the time they'll just stay on and go for a ride around the farm."

Power said the people working on the province's tourism ads happened to be driving by her farm on their way to Cape St. Mary's, a popular tourist destination in St. Mary's Bay.

"They thought it was remarkable — they had never seen anything like it," she said. "So they asked could they come in and spend the day filming and they did, it was wonderful."

According to Power, if Sunshine gets tired of a goat on her back, she gently jostles them off. Until she lies down again — then the goats get right back on.