Hopedale suffers another setback in shipping saga

More problems with delivering freight to the north coast of Labrador have hampered attempts to get goods into Hopedale.

Problems with the delivery of freight to the north coast of Labrador continued Monday.

The MV Astron, which had to sail out of Hopedale last week with a broken crane, returned to the community with food and other supplies that residents say are desperately needed to replenish empty store shelves.

However, high winds prevented the Astron from docking.

Instead, the ship bypassed Hopedale, and continued its journey to Natuashish and Nain.

Many people in Hopedale town took to social media on Monday, expressing frustration with the latest delay in receiving essential things, like food.

Nunatsiavut Marine says the Astron would try again to dock on its way back down the coast.