Residents of the coastal Labrador community of Hopedale are concerned about their food supply as the end of the shipping seasons nears.

Store shelves are mostly empty, and some people say the produce that is available is not fit for consumption.

New mothers are also worried about access to baby formula.

"When somebody runs out of formula, you can't just get in your car and run to the store like you do either in Goose Bay or on the island or anywhere else," said Wayne Piercey, the community's AngajukKak or mayor.

"Here, you got the option of going to two stores — and in the 14 and a half years that I was with Lab Investments, this is the worst I've ever seen it." 

Piercey partly blames ongoing problems with the coastal ferry Northern Ranger.

He's calling for an assessment of the town's shipping situation, and food security issues.

Meanwhile, Hopedale residents are working to improve the situation with programs like a community freezer and home gardening.