Residents in Hopedale say there's a food shortage at the community's only grocery store, and they're concerned there isn't enough of some items to go around.

People flying into Hopedale from Nain stopped at that town's store to stock up on some items they said are unavailable back home.

Hopedale resident David Igloliorte stocked up on some grocery items because he said availability has been so unpredictable.

"One day I went into the store and the shelves were stacked with food, you know, canned foods, pasta, sugar, milk … but you go back the next day and the shelves are all empty, like Poor Mother Hubbard sort of thing, you know?" said Igloliorte.

The joke phrase some people were using was B.Y.O.F. — Bring Your Own Food.

One mother said there is a shortage of baby formula at the stores, among other things.

Lack of service unacceptable

There are plenty of some products still available on Hopedale shelves, but residents say what's there comes with a big price tag and other things have to be ordered in.

Kitora Abel

Kitora Abel says there are a lot of things she can't get at the grocery store in Hopedale, and she had to stock up during her stop in Nain. (CBC)

Resident Fran Williams said the lack of service is unacceptable.

"In Hopedale I couldn't get things like peanut butter or the kind of cereal I like and there was very little fresh produce available. People shouldn't have to put up with that kind of non-service in 2014," said Williams.

Kitora Abel said there needs to be some way to ensure residents get the fresh food they need. She also had to buy supplies in Nain. 

"I brought home two frozen kinds of meat, and I even had to buy cooking oil and dish detergent," said Abel.

"I don't think they'll let us starve, but I think they should at least make sure we've got something half decent to eat daily— or weekly if not that."

The manager of Hopedale's main grocery store said the biggest limitation is what can be brought in on a plane because of space and weight restrictions on Twin Otter flights.

The manager added the store is bringing items in weekly, but it's hard to please everybody when there are different priorities for people. He added it will be easier to get bigger loads brought in once the Astron ferry starts running again.