Hookah pipes and highway barricades: the week in 9 quotes

Catch up on the week's headlines, or at least a few of them, with our recap of some of the more notable things people told CBC News.

A revived spat over a regional highway, a cabinet vacancy (or three) is filled, and a new hookah bar in St. John's is raising concerns about public health. Catch up on the week's headlines, or at least a few of them, with our recap of some of the more notable things people told CBC News.

Ring Road rage

Mount Pearl Mayor Randy Simms says the province should be on the hook for maintaining the Team Gushue Highway Extension. (CBC)

"We are not prepared to be engaged in what I consider nothing more than a provincial download of their responsibility onto local government so our answer remains no."

- Mount Pearl Mayor Randy Simms, rebuffing a call from St. John's to pay some of the costs of maintaining the Team Gushue Highway extension when it's completed. 

"Mount Pearl not willing to contribute to maintenance of Team Gushue Ext. - Quick solution: concrete barricades on all on and off ramps."

- What St. John's Coun. Jonathan Galgay tweeted after hearing Simms' remarks on CBC News. 

Unhappy re: hookahs

Maggies Hynes of the Canadian Cancer Society says smoking shisha is worse than smoking tobacco. (CBC)

"The World Health Organization has done research, and they have determined that a typical one-hour waterpipe smoking session will expose people to 100 to 200 times the level of smoke that they would receive from a cigarette." 

- Maggie Hynes of the Canadian Cancer Society is not impressed with a hookah lounge that opened this week in downtown St. John's.

Controversial treatment

Shane Mugford offers ibogaine to people in St. John's who are trying to find a solution for their addictions. (CBC)

"Ibogaine will take your sickness away within 24 hours, and your cravings. For about a week after that it's like utopia; you're so up in life. Life is wonderful after ibogaine." 

- Shane Mugford, who charges $1,500 for administering an unlicensed hallucinogenic to addicts. 

"[Addicts] will go after any substance that will claim to make them better immediately and that really scares me. It scares me that they will go and take medications, drugs or substances that have not been proven or accepted." 

- Psychiatrist Bruce Hollett, expressing deep reservations about the use of ibogaine, which has been linked to 19 deaths over the last 25 years, to treat addictions. 

'The very last mile' 

"We understand the importance of broadband. We committed to it some 10 years ago and we're now at that very last mile."

- Susan Sullivan, announcing $4.6 million in funding to bring broadband internet access to 102 rural communities. 

Trail mix

The East Coast Trail Association is not pleased with mountain bikers planning a tour this month. (CBC)
"I want the two groups to be able to suss this out between the two of them, because at the end of the day, they have to co-exist if it does go ahead." 

- Tourism Minister Sandy Collins, calling on upset members of the East Coast Trail Association to work with a company promoting a tour for mountain bikers. 

Grave-l situation

Residents near Deadman's Bay are upset about the damage being caused by a gravel quarry. (Eugene Kean)
"One area down there is the size of a football field." 

- Verna Norris, describing a gravel quarry that residents of the Deadman's Bay area say is ruining the local landscape.

Backbench promotions

Premier Tom Marshall at Government House on Thursday with new cabinet colleagues Vaughn Granter (left) and Tony Cornect. (CBC)

"We had three positions to fill, and that’s essentially what we did." 

- Premier Tom Marshall, after promoting three backbenchers (Vaughn Granter, Tony Cornect and David Brazil) to the cabinet. 

Breaching conditions

"She'd go out and see nothing, she had no luck at all, so we're out there and had a really good trip, saw a lot of whales, and just as we're leaving to go to Gull Island, boom! They came up right behind her."

- Sue Bailey, describing how she caught on video the sight of two humpback whales simultaneously breaching, while her friend Holly Lake posed for a picture on a tour boat near Bay Bulls. 

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