Residents in Nicky's Nose Cove are rallying around those who lost everything in a fire that destroyed two homes in the area.

About two dozen volunteer firefighters and other locals spent much of Tuesday night battling the flames, trying to salvage what they could.

Tony Foster drove into the community at sunset and immediately took action when he saw the flames.

"Most of the [first] house was burnt at that point. What we did was just kind of look for hotspots and stuff," Foster said.

"I was here until about 1:30 in the morning I think it was, just helping out as much as we could."

Fire duty officer Eric Earle said the Green Bay fire is considered under control as of Wednesday.

"Right now, that fire is classified as contained. We had nine firefighters on site this morning, and they were basically identifying hot spots and what we would refer to as mop-up work," Earle said.

"They're basically going to try and determine where those hotspots are and extinguish them."

Two homes were completely destroyed in the fire, and another one sustained damage.