Homeowner on hook for repair after uninsured driver hits house

St. John's resident Jackie Murphy says she's very lucky after a car landed in her Blackmarsh Road living room Sunday evening, causing damage she might be on the hook for.
Jackie Murphy's house was damaged after car crashed into corner while she was sitting on couch 1:36

St. John's resident Jackie Murphy says she's a very lucky person after a car landed in her Blackmarsh Road living room Sunday evening, causing damage she might be on the hook for.

Murphy was sitting on the sofa watching television when a Toyota Camry hit the corner of her house after failing to negotiate the turn onto Blackmarsh Road from Albany Street.

"All I heard was a big crash and wood started falling on me and I kind of blacked out, I think, because I jumped up and when I jumped up I see the dog and then when I got to my senses I looked in the corner of my living room and there was a car. And after that it's kind of a blur," she said.

"I said what the … and then I said, 'Oh my God, what is going on?' And I had to check myself to see if I was hurt and I checked my dog because it was only me and my dog here, and I don't know what happened after that. I think I phoned someone to say a car came though my living room."

Murphy was shaken up and taken to hospital with a few bruises and bumps, but she said she "lived through it." 

"I'm a very lucky person. Several people told me to buy lotto tickets," she said."So I think I will."

The interior of a Blackmarsh Road house after a car crashed into it. (CBC)
The house didn't fare as well. The corner of the living room is boarded up and torn insulation and wall board cover the floor.

Murphy and her family, including her dog and cat, now have to find a hotel since the power is turned off in the house, and she's not sure how long it will take for repairs.

She discovered the female driver doesn't have any vehicle insurance — a very common occurrence in Newfoundland, according to the police officer at the scene, so repair bills may have to be paid through Murphy's house insurance.

Murphy said she's also discovered this is the second time her house has been hit by a car.

"A tow truck [was] carrying a car up Blackmarsh Road, and the car fell off the tow truck and slammed into this house" she said.

"So I think I might sell it."