Home intruder puts knife to Happy Valley-Goose Bay man's throat

A man in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is telling a frightening story of a violent home invasion that left his wife terrified and ended with a knife to his throat.

RCMP arrest three men from Natuashish and Nain for violent crime

One of three men accused of breaking into a home when a woman was inside in Happy Valley-Goose Bay appeared at court Friday afternoon. (Matt McCann/CBC)

A man in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is telling a frightening story of a violent home invasion that left his wife hysterical and ended with a knife to his throat.

Gary Bolger, a deputy sheriff in the Labrador town, said he was working an overnight shift at a second job Friday morning when he got a call from his wife shortly before 3 a.m.

"She said, 'There's somebody in the house. I said, 'Are you sure?' I thought she may have been having a nightmare or hearing things and she said, 'No. Somebody is in the house I hear them.'"

With that, Bolger jumped in his vehicle and drove to his house, while at the same time speaking with the RCMP dispatch in St. John's.

All the while, Bolger's wife was terrified and hiding in her closet.

Knife to his throat

"I get to the house and I noticed the side entrance, the door is wide open," Bolger told CBC News.

"I just jumped out of the vehicle, ran in the house and yelled, 'Who's there?' Or something to that effect, just to let them know that, if you're upstairs, you are not alone, I am in the house and I want you out."

When Bolger got inside the house, he saw two men in his kitchen and a third walking down from upstairs.

I don't know what the final outcome of this tragedy will be but it has affected us tremendously.-Gary Bolger

He grabbed two but they managed to get away.

Bolger grabbed the third man in the foyer and had planned to hold him there until police arrived.

"Out of nowhere, a knife — a very large knife — which I believe is the knife we use in our house for cutting bread and things like that .... slowly he raised it and placed it next to my throat."

With the eight-to-10-inch blade to his neck, Bolger said he let him go and backed off.

The man ran out the door.

"When I walked through that door this morning ... and saw those people try to exit my house after being in there violating my space, I have a totally different outlook on what people go through here now."

The home invasion, to Bolger's knowledge, was a random act.

Arrests made

With the help of police dog services and forensics, the RCMP located three suspects.

Within hours, police arrested two men from Natuashish and one man from Nain.

Joel Rich, 20, is charged with break and enter and theft, and assault with a weapon.

Penute Antuan, 26, is facing charges of break and enter and theft, assault with a weapon as well as breach of conditions to abstain from alcohol.

Henry Kajuatsiak, 30, is also charged with break and enter and theft as well as assault with a weapon. Police say in each of the weapon-related charges, a knife was used. 

Bolger said it's too soon to say how this will affect him and his wife in the long-term but for now the impact has been tremendous.

"In my line of work, unfortunately, I hear [about crime] and I see it quite a bit more than we should for such a small area ... such a small town, but when it hits your own doorstep ... it becomes reality."

"Nobody is immune to this. For such a small town, it's not good."

Bolger credits the RCMP for a quick response and hard work. 

With files from Matt McCann