Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy said every Newfoundland and Labrador household with income under $40,000 is eligible for a home-heating rebate. ((CBC))

The Newfoundland and Labrador government has renewed its home-heating rebate program for lower-income families and individuals.

Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy said government will spend more than $17 million this winter on the program, which ensures that any household with income of $40,000 or less will receive some sort of assistance.

If eligible, households that use heating oil, stove oil or propane may receive a rebate of as much as $300. Households that use electricity or firewood are eligible for a $200 rebate.

Households with incomes under $35,000 are eligible for a full rebate. A sliding scale is implemented after that level up to $40,000. At that point, $100 is paid as a rebate.

Residents of coastal Labrador communities are eligible for a $500 rebate.

The figures are the same as last year's program, which itself marked a dramatic increase in government spending over the preceding year.

However, that increase followed a spike in home-heating costs.

Home-heating fuel costs are about 13 cents per litre less than at this point last year, Kennedy noted.

Families are welcome to apply for the rebates at government offices, the mail or through a special government website.