Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador voted 34-27 on Saturday to keep bodychecking in minor hockey.

The group met over the weekend in Gander to vote on policy changes, with removing bodychecking from all levels of minor hockey — except AAA bantam and midget — being the biggest issue.

Jack Lee, president of Hockey NL, said while bodychecking will stay in for now, the issue isn't likely to go away any time soon.

"We think it's something that's coming in the future, and we just wanted to be leaders in the field with regards to making sure the game is more safe and more fun for the kids that are playing, and we figure at this level of hockey the kids are at the point that they're looking for this and with all the stuff that goes on in the world of kids today," he said.

According to Lee, with concussions and head injuries being the biggest issue in all levels of hockey today, it's the job of the organization to make the game safer for everyone.

"We are the leaders in the field of hockey and we suggested that it should come out because we think it would make the game safer, and if you go in a room of 17 kids I'm certainly sure that two kids are gonna stick their hand up and say, 'We want this taken out.'"