The mayor of Hermitage, on Newfoundland's south coast, is worried about the loss of the town's only nurse.

Steve Crewe said the nurse provided medical care to people from four communities.

Hermitage has an approximate population of 450.

Crewe said now that she's leaving, he's concerned the doctor will also leave the Hermitage medical clinic.  

"The nurse [has] been there for 14 years helping him with EKGs, blood pressure monitoring, you know anything that he could get her to do — now they're going to put all those duties on him," said Crewe

"I don't figure he's going to stay there much longer now after being there for 14 years and not having to do it ... now they're going to make him do it. At his age, I don't see him being there much longer."     

Crewe said he was told by Central Health the position was made redundant in order to give the Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre in Harbour Breton an extra nurse for its dialysis unit.

He added that a number of concerned residents petitioned the health board and also held a rally.