A memorial for those killed in two offshore helicopter crashes in the province was unveiled at Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's on Wednesday morning.

The provincial government promised to erect a monument two-and-a-half years ago.

nl robert decker robert wells quidi vidi 20131030

Robert Decker, left, the only survivor of the 2009 Cougar helicopter crash, and Robert Wells were at Quidi Vidi Lake on Wednesday for the unveiling of plans for a helicopter memorial. (CBC)

It will honour the six people killed in the Universal Helicopters crash on March 13, 1985, and the 17 people killed when Cougar Flight 491 crashed on March 12, 2009.

Names of each of the victims will be etched into the metal artwork, with light shining through to illuminate it at all times.

Lori Chynn, who lost her husband in the Cougar crash, said it's still difficult to think about what happened, but she said the location is a perfect memorial site.

"It's a beautiful place. I'm very pleased that they're having a memorial, and it's a great tribute to those that lost their lives through these helicopter crashes," Chynn said.

"It just means something that there's a tribute and there's a place to come and reflect."

However, Chynn said she still doesn't believe enough is being done to ensure the safety of workers in the offshore industry.

nl artist's rendering helicopter memorial 20131030

The provincial government released this image of the artist's rendition of the memorial to be build at Quidi Vidi Lake. (CBC)

"I'm still not convinced it's safe. The same helicopters are flying and I don't see safety as a priority," she said.

"The changes still aren't enough."

Terry French, the minister of tourism, culture and recreation, said during Wednesday's unveiling that the sculpture was inspired by "the first rotary-type flying machine envisioned by Leonardo Da Vinci."

The design for the memorial came from sculptor Luben Boykov and landscape architect Frederick Hann.

French said the memorial will be erected as soon as possible.