The Hebron project has passed a few major milestones, with the platform on track to be towed to the field in the middle of next year and first oil produced by the end of 2017.

You can see a tour of the project Friday at Bull Arm in the video above. 

"We've got several more months work, so early next year we'll have the the top sides modules all hooked up together ready to float over the top of the gravity-based structure," said senior project manager Geoff Parker on Friday. 

3,000 workers

Concrete has been poured for the offshore platform, and last week the various modules that make up the top side were joined together.

Parker said there are currently over 3,000 people working on the Hebron project in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

"That will start to come down now as all the pieces are finished, but even once we're out offshore, there's even 220 people will live and work on the platform at all times," he said.

"Plus all the people onshore supporting the operations." 

With files from Peter Cowan