The case involving a 51-year-old man who pleaded guilty to sexual assault against two sisters came to an end Thursday in a Grand Falls - Windsor court.

Both the families of the victim and the accused were in tears as Heber Junior Butt, 51, was handed consecutive sentences of 20 months for each offence.

It means Butt has received a prison sentence of three years and four months.

The assaults Butt pleaded guilty to started in 2000 and would go on to span more than a decade.

The court heard Butt used blackmail to keep the older of the complainants quiet. When that failed, Butt turned on her younger sister.

Earlier this month when she read her victim impact statement, the older sister said Butt stole her childhood with the constant abuse and that she was afraid to leave her home for fear of running into her abuser.

She said she has suffered mental and physical illness, and has attempted suicide.

The younger sister told the court that her life is also ruined.

The Crown had been asking for the maximum on both accounts, adding up to four years in jail and 20 years on the sexual offenders list.