The value of homes in Heart's Content has climbed drastically in the last three years, but the town has decided not to drop its mill rate to lessen the blow to residents.

For resident Wayne Harris, the assessed value of his home climbed by $68,000 in the last year alone.

Without a decrease in mill rate, that makes for an additional $544 he'll be paying in property taxes.

"This is a tax grab, that's all that is as far as I'm concerned," Harris said.

"This is wrong, and I've talked to people that they're up in their nineties, just struggling to get through this."

Harris said he doesn't think the situation is fair.

"My tax for this year is going up 30 per cent — the council's expenses are not going up 30 per cent."

Resident Brian Fitzpatrick said rather than fuming about the news, he decided to start a petition.

"Heart's Content is made up of so many fixed income people, and most of them can't afford such an increase," Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick said that most other areas of the province have taken steps to lessen the impact.

"I think Heart's Content needs to revisit the whole issue and have a look at their budget and whatever and determine what they really need," he said.

A town councillor said the town dropped the mill rate three years ago when no one else did, and now they need the extra money to pay for projects like paving the roads.

Fitzpatrick said he believes there is still hope — the council will vote on the budget on Thursday evening. Before the meeting, he will be presenting his petition.