Hear about the house that was dumped in the woods?

A hunter in central Newfoundland was shocked when he came across something interesting in the woods last weekend.
The debris of a house was dumped in the woods near Gander. (CBC)

A hunter in central Newfoundland was shocked when he came across something odd in the woods last weekend.

Chris Jackman noticed a large pile on Saturday morning, when he went into an area about 30 kilometres east of Gander, known locally as Denny's Pit.

"I drove in, stopped to take a look around the area. I [saw] a couple of small piles of debris," he said.

"When I drove around to the different side of things, then I [saw] what appeared to be an entire house that had been torn down and dumped off."

Jackman said it would have taken a lot of effort to get all that debris in the woods.

"There's shingles in there, there's the ends of a roof sitting there, insulation. A lot of building materials," he said.

"The appearance that it gives me, I would say it was a fair-sized home, several loads that had been dumped off by a truck."

Jackman said that since the local dumps closed last winter, he has seen bags of garbage dumped around the old logging roads outside of Gander -- but nothing quite like this.

He said there needs to be more control or a better reporting system in place to ensure this kind of dumping doesn't happen again.

"I know with the centralized landfills right now, that there's going to be a lot of headaches," he said.

"But I think it's going to be an ongoing thing until people can actually wise up, or charges start being laid and people really see what's happening."

Jackman said he's made Service NL aware of the incident.