Three of the province's health boards are outlining ways they hope will save millions of taxpayers dollars, without compromising patient safety or laying off staff members.

Labrador-Grenfell Health, Western Health and Central Health announced the changes during press conferences held in their respective districts on Thursday. 

Labrador-Grenfell Health has aimed to save $12.7 million annually, while Western Health hopes to save $13.5 million a year. Central Health announced it will save $8.7 million a year. 

The cost-cutting measures announced on Thursday will see the elimination 961 full-time equivalent positions. However, health minister Susan Sullivan insists they will do so without layoffs or reduction in service.

Susan Sullivan Minister of Health, NL 20131003

Health Minister Susan Sullivan announces changes to health board plans in St. John's on Thursday. (CBC)

The health authorities said they will not fill some vacancies, and they will reduce hours for some workers and reduce the amount of sick leave relief and overtime.

Western Health CEO Susan Gillam said they will save money by finding a private operator for the hospital cafeteria in Stephenville.

"We are going to be looking at attrition so the process will be fluid, we will be accessing when people leave a permanent position and I am really please to say that 70 of those positions are in the full time equivalent non-core areas," Gillam said. 

Interim Central Health CEO, Rosemarie Goodyear, said they have already saved $5.7 million.

"The marker for me is that we have already moved forward and implemented a large portion of this and really we have not found any significant push back as we have moved forward or any significant challenges," Goodyear said.

The announcement comes after a review of all three health authorities much like the review done by Eastern Health in 2012.

While Labrador-Grenfell Health, Western Health and Central Health announced their plans, Eastern Health updated its current plan.

In a news release, Eastern Health said, since 2012, the board has found about half of the $43 million dollars it planned to save. 

It will eliminate another $6.8 million dollars from its budget through a reduction in 69 management positions. The management positions will be eliminated through attrition. 

The provincial government told the public the three health boards would be reviewed during the release of the 2013 budget in March.