The Pervasive Needs class at Leary's Brook Junior High taught the rest of the school a lesson in terror on Friday.

They spent the week turning their classroom into a haunted house, then took on spooky roles such as "zombie doctor" and "unlucky patient."

Dozens of students were lined up as a group of girls ran out of the classroom, shrieking.

Teacher Michelle Purchase says it gave students from other classes a good fright, and an important lesson.


Jonathan Whitten took on the role of zombie doctor during the haunted house. CBC

"What we wanted to do is to showcase the abilities of these children and put together a nice production that showcases their talent," said Purchase.

She says students in her class learned a lot from the experience as well.

"They're taking on a lot of leadership roles," said Purchase, who also took part in the fun, dressed as a zombie bride.

"They've had to co-operate in order to do the scenes. Of course, their creativity is coming out."

Judging by the screams coming from the classroom, the event was a spook-tacular success.