The mayor of Harbour Breton wants the provincial court to reconsider a decision to stop holding circuit court sessions in the town.

Eric Skinner says holding the court in Harbour Breton served both the town and the surrounding communities better.

The courts decided to move the weekly circuit court 87 kilometres away to Head of Bay D'Espoir in the spring.

He said the move will make it more difficult for people to act as witnesses.

"You got to take time off of work instead of just leaving your work station, going to court, doing your statements or whatever and coming back," Skinner said.

"Now you got the extra hours of driving, not to mention the road conditions at times — so you know it could be a burden on people."

Skinner is also upset that the decision to move the court was not discussed with the municipality.

The plan to consolidate circuit court sittings in the area also includes dropping the visits to Conne River.