People in Happy Valley-Goose Bay will soon be able to put their old Christmas trees and yard waste to good use. 

The town has partnered with the Multi Materials Stewardship Board to purchase a mobile wood chipper to mulch organic waste material, such as trees, shrubs, and logs.

Councillor Tony Chubbs told CBC's Labrador Morning that this initiative will divert waste from the landfill.

"The plan is to chip the larger stuff and use it for mulching in areas around town for landscaping, and we can also use it on some trails in town as well," said Chubbs.

'The main thing here is changing attitudes and culture.' - Tony Chubbs

​The town has designated an area already used to dispose of grubbing material from new developments.

It hopes to eliminate the dumping of garbage at the location and get more organization around disposal of organics.

"The main thing here is changing attitudes and culture and what we don't have to put into our landfill and we can keep out of there is better for everybody," said Chubbs.


Happy Valley-Goose Bay will use a mobile wood chipper to mulch organic waste such as trees, shrubs, and logs. ((CBC))

The pilot project will not require any additional staff and will help increase the 25-year lifespan of the town's landfill.​