Mike Lawlor says he takes great pride in the Christmas light show spectacle he puts up at his house every year, and that he hopes it brings his neighbours in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as much joy as it brings him.

Lawlor, an industrial electrician, said he goes all out every year to synchronize his light show and wow crowds because he remembers being amazed by one as a child.

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Mike Lawlor says he was inspired to create his own Christmas light show from his memories of something similar from his childhood. (CBC)

"It was just majestic, right. And I can always remember back to that," Lawlor said. "You know, up in the cold, dark north, it's a little bit of light."

With more than 12,000 bulbs across his property and different displays, it's more like a lot of light.

Lawlor said he's been growing it every year, and making new additions that he makes in his shed.

"I figure out some crazy way of making stuff. I just get an idea and go make it — go try it," he said.

"It's sort of a way of me giving a Christmas gift to everybody."

Lawlor's light show, which he synchronizes to music blasted through car stereos, is a favourite tradition for a lot of people in his community.

John Neville, who lives across the street, said it's great not just for children, but for people of all ages.

"I think he makes a lot of older people young by looking at this stuff," Neville said.

"Christmas is a very cheerful time. If you're sad, you know, those lights there can open your eyes and make you see better and make you feel happier."

Lawlor puts the synchronized show on every night for the holiday season.