A community program aimed at providing traditional foods to single-parent families in Happy Valley-Goose Bay has been forced to close.

Community Food Hub co-ordinator Bernadette Greey says the program was stopped because they weren't receiving enough donations.

"We decided to shut it down because currently the supply of wild game … is just too low for what we would consider sustainable."

Greey said the ban on caribou hunting has meant a lack of big game, but the food hub has not given up.

"We're still actively pursuing a couple of extra partnerships, and we're going to try promoting it a little bit more over the next little while to see if we can still keep it going," said Greey.

The program was designed to offer families traditional food that is healthy and nutritious. 

"[For some] this might be the only chance that they get to get the traditional food and it might be the only opportunity they get to introduce their children to these traditional foods," she said.

Greey said she hopes people will start to donate more small game and fish to the program so that the community freezer will reopen next month.